Youth Division Award Winners and Honorable Mention Recipients Announced

Left to right: High School honorable mention recipient, Sarah Perry, first place winner,Sophie Dawson, and Pete Woods, Executive Director, Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center.

Congratulations to all who exhibited in our 2017 Regional Artists Exhibit and Competition Youth Division! We are always grateful for the art teachers who inspire and educate these talented students, making it possible for them to reach for their highest creative potential.

Left to right: Alexander County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jennifer Hefner, ACHS Art Teacher, Kim Ellis, private Art Instructor, Martha Burgin, and West Alexander Middle School Teacher, Dr. Anna Shook. Not shown, ACHS Art Teacher, Robbin Isenhour Stewart. 

Click on the image below to browse a photo gallery from the exhibit reception!

During our reception / awards ceremony, first place prizes and honorable mention ribbons were awarded to the following exhibitors :


High School

1st        Autumn Nights                                 Sophie Dawson

H         Hobbit House                                    Sarah Perry

H         Experiment with Oil                         Tyrih Lackey

H         Colorful Owl                                      Baylee Frye

H         Origami Dragon                                Tou Vang

H         Kat Von D                                          Hayleigh Holland

H         Ollie                                                    Emma Strankman

Left to right: Maia Southers, Olivia Perkins, Pete Woods, Gracie Walker, and Paige Harrington.


Middle School

1st        Head Strong                                     Paige Harrington

H         Swan Lake                                         Gracie Walker

H         Cameron Dallas                               Gracie Walker

H         Tree of Life                                        Olivia Perkins

H         Lady in Blue                                      Gracie Walker

H         Cartoon Mania                                 Dante Babcock

H         Climbing Daisies                             Olivia Perkins

H         Reign of Rainbows                          Maia Southers

H         Blue Flowers                                    Brianna Bowman

Left to right: Eva Grace Gryder and Pete Woods.

Elementary 3-5

1st        Blooming Sunshine                         Eva Grace Gryder

H         Sailboats at Sunset                         Ian Julsrud

H         Bucky                                                  Ian Julsrud

H         A Little Mischief                               Dixie Smith

H         Koi Fish                                              Ian Julsrud

H         The Foxes Home                              Dixie Smith


Left to right: Pete Woods and Samuel Smith.

Elementary K-2

1st        Sea Dragon                                       Samuel Smith

H         Cheetah                                             Samuel Smith