Back to Basics Classes with Amy Barr of Heritage Hills Farms

The Back To Basics Series is exactly what the title indicates.  Learn the basics of living a more self-sufficient, and healthy lifestyle from the expert Amy Barr. Classes will take place on Saturdays during August from 10:00-1:00pm at the Educational Complex with social distancing and safety protocol in place.  Call the Center at 828-632-6966 to register.  Cost is $30 per non-member, $25 per member.

Sat Aug 8th –Basics of Growing a Garden – with an emphasis on soil preparation, composting, and seed selection

Sat Aug 15th-Preserving Your Harvest Practical tips to successful canning, drying, and pickling

Sat Aug 22nd- Herbal Remedies and Foraging – Identifying and foraging herbs useful for first aide

Sat Aug 29th- Homesteading with Farm Animals – Getting started, choosing animals, pros and cons

* A follow-up field class will be offered with date to be announced, location will be Heritage Hills Farms


Amy was born and raised in North Carolina.  She got her passion for farming from her Granny, who made a living raising dairy cows and selling milk.  Amy started making her own soaps and body care products after her daughter developed severe eczema. For the past 12 years, Amy has been making wholesome, natural products using ingredients sourced right from her farm.

Amy’s farm is situated in Wilkes county just right across the Alexander County line near Linney’s Mill where she raises Nubian dairy goats, cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, guineas, and a livestock guardian dog named Willow.  Visit Amy’s website at  to learn more or purchase Heritage Hills Farms products.