Discover Emerging Artist Elizabeth Krumroy

Elizabeth is a 17 year old artist who primarily creates for school and as a nice hobby that doubles for interesting gifts for friends and family.  She learned art in the Diploma Program at South Iredell High School.  Before that,  she learned art during her time at Northview Middle School.  She has been creating art since childhood, so much so, that her late grandmother even kept most of her art in a folder to save.


She primarily creates meaningful  gifts for people she cares about or  makes school projects stand out using her creativity.  She loves using what she can do to make others happy.  She also loves doing art as a way to remember her grandmother, who she recently learned used to create art of her own and also design clothes.  Due to her love of art, Elizabeth would love to do something with her art in the future.  She hasn’t quite decided exactly what she wants to do in life, “… but just knows it has to be about art to keep me happy.”

Elizabeth goes on to say, ” I thought about being a tattoo artist or maybe an art therapist.  At one point,  I thought I wanted to be an art teacher;  but I had a small taste of that profession during my IB project where I taught a younger group of children through an art assignment.   I didn’t find it to be what I thought it would be.  I hope that over the next year I will be able to narrow down what I really want to do with my future.”

-Elizabeth Krumroy