Foothills Painters In Isolation Exhibit- Still Shots

“Willows” Watercolor by Meredith Janssen $250

Please contact the Center at 828-632-6966 for Purchasing Information.

“Sunset Ride” Pat Flachbart
Acrylic $475

“Charlotte” Irina Khudyakov
Oil on Canvas $275



“Mountain Iris” Gouache by Susan Grant $340

“Blue Mountains” Oil by Irina Khudyakov $225

“Linville Falls” Watercolor by Meredith Janssen $230

“Bold Birches” Oil by Karin Koval $250

Pawley’s Island #2 Gouache by Susan Grant $175

“Lockdown” Oil by Victoria Morales $300

“Ocean Breeze” Oil by Victoria Morales $200

“Descending Mt. Pilatus” Oil by Karin Koval $250

“View From Shell Island” Acrylic by Melissa A. Crosson $310

“Ridges of Color” Acylic by Melissa A. Crosson $325

“I Chose The Fiery Path” Oil Karin Koval $300

“Primary View” Acrylic Melissa A. Crosson $880

“Cadre of Trees” Oil Karin Koval $175

“Scintillating Sunflowers” Acrylic Heidi Schoener $75

“Coming Home” Acrylic Heidi Schoener $50

“Exploring The Cosmos” Acrylic Heidi Schoener $75

“Remembering Grandma” Acrylic Heidi Schoener $65

“An Inspiring Day” Acrylic Melissa A. Crosson $435

“Swaying Poppies” Acrylic Melissa A. Crosson $310

“Fanciful Flourish” Acrylic Heidi Schoener $300

“Flower Power” Mixed Media Karin Koval $125

“Suddenly Last Summer” Oil Karin Koval $250

“Low Land Marsh” Oil Araine Koser $200

“Mostly Last Tuesday” Oil Karin Koval $250

“Asters In A Gray Vase” Oil Irina Khudyakov $175

“Bouquet” Oil Victoria Morales $250

“Pinky” Oil Victoria Morales $200

“Sunflower” Watercolor Meredith Janssen $495

“Luscious Strawberries” Watercolor Meredith Janssen $495

“Rhodies” Watercolor Meredith Janssen $125

“Nice Day On The Lake” Watercolor Meredith Janssen $210

“Early Spring In Biltmore” Oil Irina Khudyakov $125

“North Counrtyside” Oil Victoria Morale $250

“Down In The Hollar” Watercolor Meredith Janssen $325

“Waiting For Rain” Oil Irina Khudyakov $135

“Nordic Landcape” Oil Victoria Morales $150

“Sweet Ballerina” Oil Victoria Morales $350

“Morning Sun” Acrylic Melissa A. Crosson $360

“Sunflowers In Purple Vase” Acrylic Crystal Witherspoon $200

“Beautiful New Day” Alcohol Ink Crystal Witherspoon $230

“A Burst of Color” Alcohol Ink Crystal Witherspoon $56

“Serenity” Watercolor Sharon Quinlan $125

“Pure Elegance” Alcohol Ink Crystal Witherspoon $150

“Ghostly Beauties” Alcohol Ink Crystal Witherspoon $150

“Happy Honeycomb” Mixed Media Pat Flachbart $600

“Modern Mellow Yellow” Oil & Cold Wax Pat Flachbart $125 ea./$225 pr

“Modern Mellow Yellow” Oil & Cold Wax Pat Flachbart $125 each/$225 pr

” Serenity II” Watercolor Sharon Quinlan $75

“Purple Trees” Watercolor Sharon Quinlan $50

“Autumn” Watercolor Sharon Quinlan $50

“Cabin In Woods” Watercolor Sharon Quinlan $50

“Spring Mix” Acrylic Crystal Witherspoon $100