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May & June 2020      Holt’s Art Farm online Exhibit 

Click on the following url’s to view a video tour of the Lucas Mansion Art Gallery Part 1. Entrance to the Lucas Mansion Art Gallery   Part 2. The Main Gallery featuring work by Stan, Carol, Nic, and Jessica   Part 3.  A continued tour of the Main Gallery   Part 4. The South Gallery featuring work by JoAnn Hedrick Part 5.  Work by Jessica Holt featuring the “scrapbook of periods of her life”

The Holt Art Farm is Stan Holt, wife Carol, daughter Jessica, son Nic, and mother JoAnn Hedrick whose work is featured in the South Gallery as a special feature of the exhibit.  It is evident that the amazing talent of JoAnn Hedrick was passed down to her family cultivated in their own artistic expressions through pottery, painting, drawing, watercolor, mixed media, and sculpture.  The encouragement of his mother brought to fruition the treasures created by the unique works of the Holt family.

Stan Holt –  My earliest memory of an interest in art was when I drew on the bedroom walls.  I don’t remember my mother getting mad;  I do remember her covering the walls with newsprint and saying, “Have at it!”.  I won a poster contest while at East Iredell Elementary school.  I met my wife Carol while attending Mitchell Community College to obtain Associates in Fine Arts degree.  We attended UNCW together to get our BA in Creative Arts.  I did Consider  becoming a potter at this point but after some business analysis, I concluded there is a reason they call them starving artists.  After about a year of freelance art I was hired as Art Director at a commercial clock company. Our two biggest accounts were Coke and Pepsi and I did clock designs for every soda company you ever heard of and some I had never heard of.  Back then all the art work for the screen printing of the clocks was done by hand.  I knew the future of commercial art was digital so I got a second hand computer and taught myself how to do graphic design.  I took those skills and was hired as an illustrator for a training company doing semi-technical drawing to support adult skills training.  After becoming Director of the Art Department at the training company, I took them from doing black and white line drawings to doing full color dimensional drawings, greatly increasing the appeal of the training manuals.  I then took a different career course into product development for the commercial graphics industry.  I researched and helped develop several products and wrote patent applications for some of them.  The company received Patent Pending status for one major product and was subsequently granted a patent license along with 3M and Avery Denison.    In 2005, I started my own business as a manufacturer’s sales representative, representing up to 5 European visual graphics manufacturing companies in Germany and the United Kingdom.  I purchased a wide format digital printer to test and make samples of the print media I sold.  This gave me acumen as to the processing materials that greatly aided in sales and support to the distributors and their customers.  Since 2017, I have been doing wholesale digital graphics to regional sign shops.  It is very rewarding to finally get to once again explore doing art and even more exciting to be able to do it with the people I love most, my family.

Carol Holt – The decision to pursue a degree in Art happened when I won an art scholarship at Mitchell Community College.  After graduating with a BA in Art from UNC-Wilmington, I began working at the University’s Printing Services Department as lithographer.  While living in Wilmington, I conducted art workshops for children at Foy Plantation, Wrightsville Beach Recreation Center, and Saint John’s Museum of Art.  I have been integrating art with English Language Arts as a 5th grade teacher at Scotts A+ Elementary School.  On my time off from teaching, I enjoy creating pottery along with Stan, Nic and Jessica.  Spending time together doing something that we all love is the best part!  I am so happy and very thankful to be part of our family of artists.

Nic Holt – Being surrounded by my parents’ art inspired me to have a go at it.  I am mostly self-taught in ceramics and continuously experiment with forms and glazes.  After a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, a Minor in Math, and a Minor in Art, I’ve developed uniqueness in my work.  I desire to always make something different and not replicate shapes if possible.  Each piece is new, interesting, and different from all the others.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to do art with the family.

Jessica Holt – I am a student at UNC-Greensboro pursuing my Studio Arts degree.  I’d like to share some thoughts I have about art.  These are the ways art makes sense to me and through reading this you can understand me.  I am fascinated by letting go of the idea that is “good art”.  The individuality of how you have your own ideas and visions, and the way your hands make marks on the paper is different from anyone else’s hands.  You can create something that never existed in the world before that moment. This is important.  I feel freed when I lean into what I may think is a mistake in my composition and problem solve.  I dig into what feels good to me to put into my composition.  The ecstatic I feel when everything in my composition feels like an extension of me, it’s like the way you dress yourself and feel like it’s your style.  When you see what you’ve created, you can see a part of yourself you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.  I can understand myself more through the line I draw, the words I write, way I dress, or decorate my home.  I consider these all forms of art.  The more I create and learn, the more appreciation it brings me to myself and the world.  When I draw figure models in class,  I get to see the human body in a new context.  I enjoy drawing the complexities of the models, the way their hair lays, the way their skin tone flushes, maybe they’re wrinkled, or they’re round and folded.  In this context the more complex a body, the more I am able to learn.  Figure drawing shows me a range of nature’s shapes I likely wouldn’t see in media.  Through this learning and enjoyment I see my own body in a new context and feel important, and through creating any art I am able to see my personality and feel important.  My sketchbooks become scrapbooks of periods of my life.  For example, what I created on those pages is what in that period felt like the best art for me to be creating.  In those pages are my favorite colors, shapes, collage pieces, lines of those months.  It’s not for me to decide what is good art, although when I look at my art I do decide what pieces bring me the best feelings and revisit creating similar pieces, further shaping my identity as an artist.  I am happy to be growing and learning what I want to bring the the art community.  Excitement and nervousness is what I feel for the unknown ahead of me, but I find comfort in the support of my family.  When I create art with my family it is special.  I believe the art we create together is different than what it turns out to be if it was created alone.

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