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Kid’s Korner

By Allison Houchins, Director of Education
(Also a mom, grandparent, artist, farmer, AND a teacher!)

Hi, kids (and Moms, Dads, grandparents, too!)  This year has been different for everyone!  I know that you have spent a lot of time at home, maybe even doing school from home for a while.  Something very important has happened to you and you might not even know it!  While being at and learning from home you have been teaching yourself…really! You have been teaching yourself to:

  1. Learn in a different way
  2. Figure things out for yourself if you can’t ask someone right away
  3. Be responsible for lessons without someone standing over you
  4. Be creative (most important!)

I hope that you have spent time outdoors! That is really important for a HEALTHY you INSIDE and OUTSIDE! Here is a fun and meaningful idea for you to do.  When you go on walks or just out in your yard look for interesting things to pick up and collect.  A feather, an oddly shaped leaf, a chunk of moss, a piece of rough bark, even a smashed soda can will work- the more items the better!   Adults, help your kids with gluing the items all around the inside of an enclosed box.  Before doing that, cut a hole big enough for your arm in one end.  After everything is dry, this will be your “story idea box”.  As you reach in the box, feel for ONE item.  Then begin like this:

“One day we (name your people) went for a walk…it was a really (weather) day.  I was trying be really watchful and I spied a (name your item) on the ground.  The (item) caught my attention because it was (describe it) and I wanted to keep it.  The (color, shape, texture) reminded me of (something else you have seen). I’m glad I found it so I could remember this adventure!  

This is great to develop your storytelling skills, even to your family.  Your parents might want to write this down as you tell it, OR if you already can write, write it yourself!  Be sure to spell correctly too!  You might want to write these in a journal (a blank book) and even draw the item.  These last few months haven’t been fun, and maybe even a little scary.  All the adults in your life SALUTE you for hanging in there! We do too! We hope that you will come to the Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center where you can see lots of things you maybe haven’t seen before.  HAPPY EXPLORING!

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