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Kid’s Korner

With a few sticks of old lumber nailed together to make a form, a bag of Sacrete, water, a stirring tool such as a shovel, and corrugated cardboard cut into the shape of stars and your initials; you can make your own stepping stones!

For safety, use goggles, mask, and gloves! ATTENTION!!! You will need an adult to help with this project!

Have an adult help with cutting 2 x 4 scraps into equal pieces for a square stepping stone. Using hammer and nails, connect the equal pieces together.

Mix up the Sacrete according to directions in a big container or wheel barrow. ( Make sure it is of the correct consistency… not too watery)… Stirring constantly with the shovel until all the dry mix is wet and mixed well.

Place a piece of plastic or cardboard on the ground, then place your 2×4 frame onto the plastic. Then, pour the Sacrete into the form. Use another board to “float” the Sacrete.. as shown in the picture, spreading the Sacrete out to the corners and working the bubbles out.

Place the decorations you made out of cardboard onto the Sacrete to form a “stamp”. These can then be removed.

Let dry over night!

You have now learned a little about carpentry, and floating concrete. to create your own decorated stepping stone!


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